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There's nothing I want more on cold Winter days than a cup of

my mom's Mexican hot chocolate! Even though we are far away now, the memories of making it with her as a child bring me so much joy... Here's the way I remember stirring a big pot of chocolate.

Can you count with me?


Bate bate chocolate

tu nariz de cacahuate

1, 2, 3 CHO 1, 2, 3 CO 1, 2, 3 LA 1, 2, 3 TE!

rough translation:

Stirr, stirr the chocolate

your nose of peanut



Based on a Mexican Traditional Rhyme.

Arranged by Sonia De Los Santos; De Los Santos Music ASCAP

Mara, Adriana, Malvina & Lola Mayora and Xkokita sing
Rob guitars, harmonica and percussion Sonia sings and shares cookies.

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