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I wrote this song thinking about the afternoons I spent as a child sitting on my grandmother’s porch. We would watch these birds called golondrinas as they would make their nests and stay for a while, and then fly away only to make their nests again in new places. Some people like to call them migrant birds- their pilgrimage sounds very familiar to me...


Estaba la golondrina
Volando sobre el portal
Que melodía más divina
Tan pura como el cristal
Sus cantares me fascinan
Me ponen sentimental

Golondrina, Golondrina
De espíritu aventurero
Eres ave peregrina
Amiga de este viajero

Golondrina, Golondrina
Que vuelas en la rivera
Volverás a la marina
Hasta la otra primavera


Con tu plumaje azulado
Vistes un digno linaje
Por este cielo nublado
Vuelas cerca del oleaje
Y yo quisiera a tu lado
Emprender un largo viaje

Soy pajarito viajero
Buscando donde anidar
Así llegué al extranjero
Pero nunca he de olvidar
Que la familia es primero
Y hay que saberla cuidar


By Sonia De Los Santos; De Los Santos Music ASCAP

rough translation:

The swallow bird
Was flying over the porch
What a divine melody
Pure as crystal
Its singings enchant me
They put me on a sentimental mood

Swallow bird, swallow bird
With an adventurous spirit
You are a pilgrim bird
Friend of this traveler

Swallow bird, swallow bird
That flies over the river
You’ll be back at the marina
In time for the spring

With your blue feathers
You wear a worthy lineage
On this cloudy sky

You fly over the waves
And I would like to be with you

On a long journey  

I am a travelling bird

Looking for a place to nest
That’s how I came to foreign lands

But I must never forget
That family comes first

And I should take care of them


"golondrina" is a swallow bird

Emmanuel Huitzil jarana Juan Carlos Marín requinto Francisco Martínez marimbol
Claudia Valentina sings and dances on the tarima Sinuhé leona, quijada and vocals
Elena violin Sonia jarana and vocals.

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