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Join Sonia from home! Sing along to her beloved songs, learn about the stories that inspire her music, and get to know the work of some of her favorite artists.
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Acompaña a Sonia ¡desde casa! Canta sus canciones, aprende sobre las historias que inspiran su música y conoce el trabajo de algunos de sus artistas favoritos.

"Do you want to hear music in English and Spanish that will lift your spirits? Run don’t walk to Sonia’s videos. Do you want to hear some of the best records ever made for young people? Go find Sonia’s and dig in!"

- Dan Zanes, Grammy Award Winner

"If you’re looking for a great living room concert vibe from a solid “kindie"artist for 3-5 year olds, check out Sonia De Los Santos’

Latin music for children at En Casa Con Sonia".

- Steven McIntosh, BAM’s Director of Education and Family Programming


 #1 - Tan Feliz  (Activity)

#2 - Alegría  (Activity)

#3 - Chocolate  (Activity)

#4 - Shining Star (Dan Zanes) (Activity)

Lullaby Sessions #1 - Everything's Alright

(Jesus Christ Superstar) 

#5 - La Golondrina  (Activity)

#6 - Can You Canoe? (The Okee Dokee Brothers)  


Lullaby Sessions #2 - Daisy Mae

#7 - Little Bitty Boat/Barquito (Cathy and Marcy)  


#8 - Tú Eres Mi Sol (You Are My Sunshine)  


#9 - Dame La Mano Paloma 

#10 - Mi Cariñito

Lullaby Sessions #3 This Pretty Planet

 #11- Esta Es Tu Tierra (This Land is Your Land) 


 #12 - La Maraca

Lullaby Sessions #4 They Long to Be (Close To You)

 #13 - El Canario

Lullaby Sessions #5 I Am The Light of This World

Lullaby Sessions #6 Di Porqué

#14 De Colores

#15 La Bruja (The Witch)

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