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Monarch butterflies travel very long distances every year. Their incredible migration is an example of their strength and resilience, a source of inspiration for adventurous souls. This song features gaita flutes from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, alongside traditional cumbia drums and the Mexican jarana --

a combination I find as exciting as the butterflies’ journey. The soulful vocals of Nilko Andreas Guarín help me tell this story.
¡Vuela Mariposa!


Mariposa Montuna
Vuela, vuela montuna
Busca, busca aventura

Conocí una mariposa que le gustaba viajar
Vino un día por mi casa y aquí se quizo quedar
Ella buscaba flores, yo las aprendí a sembrar
Y con cariño le dije que aquí ella tenía un hogar

Mariposa Montuna...

Navegando en mi piragua ella me vio pasar
Con sus alas coloridas me vino a saludar
Nos acariciaba el viento, nos vino a regalar
Miles de mariposas migrando para invernar

Mariposa Montuna...


Ya se fue mi mariposa pero un día volverá
Tiene un largo viaje que meses le llevará
Cinco generaciones vuelan para encontrar
Tierras que las protejan para poder regresar


rough translation

Mountain butterfly

Fly, fly butterfly

Look, look for adventure


I once met a butterfly that loved to travel

Came to my house one day and decided to stay

She was looking for flowers, I learned how to plant them

And with love I told her, this could be her home

Mountain butterfly...

Navigating on my canoe, she saw me go by

She came to greet me with her colorful wings

The wind caressed us and brought the gift

Of seeing thousands of butterflies migrating to hibernate

Mountain butterfly...

My butterfly is gone, but one day she will return

She has a long journey that will take months

Five generations fly to so they can find

A land that protects them, until they come back

Nilko Andreas Guarín - vocals
Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza - leona, guitar,  jarana tercera, vocals
Martín Vejarano - gaita hembra, gaita macho,
maraca, tambora, tambor alegre, llamador
Sonia De Los Santos - vocals

By Sonia De Los Santos; De Los Santos Music ASCAP
and Martín Vejarano; Gaitero Music ASCAP


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