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¡Fiesta, Fiesta! is a celebration of life and a thank you letter dedicated to all the people who have inspired Sonia's musical journey. As she tells the story of voyaging to America and shares about her travels as an artist, she invites all to join her in looking back, encouraging us to be grateful for the years behind us. 




Martín Vejarano: drums and maraca

Samuel Torres: alegre drum and congas

George Sáenz: accordion and trombone

Rudyck Vidal: upright bass

Josh Deutsch: trumpet

Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza: Harmony vocals

Zeudi Castañeda, Zamir Castañeda, Melody Polo, Isabella Polo: vocals

Luisa Bastidas: Alegrías 

Sonia De Los Santos: electric guitar and vocals


Written and Produced by: Sonia De Los Santos and Martín Vejarano.

Arranged by: Martín Vejarano.

Recorded by Kamilo Kratc at Soundworks Recording Studio

Mixed by Gabriel Vallejo at Merlín Producciones

Mastered by Luis F. Herrera at Masterhead Lab


Label: Golondrina


Release Date: October 14th, 2020.

¡Fiesta, Fiesta! - Digital Download

  • Downloads as mp3 file.

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