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Martín came one day to show me a song he was writingfor his mother, Pía.

I was blown away by it and offered my help. We completed it together and realized this would be our present to all mothers in the world. You can hear Edmar Castañeda’s

magical harp and his son Zamir, dedicating this song to his mother, Andrea.


Madre quiero decirte en este día
Que yo te agradezco por esta vida
Siempre estás a mi lado con tu cariño
Siempre voy de tu mano desde muy niño

Corona de flores
Brillan sus colores en los corazones
Corona de flores
Brillan sus colores en estas canciones

Hoy te quiero cantar y escribir un verso
Siempre me has consolado con ese beso
Quiero que estés alegre y muy orgullosa
La ley del camino bueno es muy valiosa

Corona de flores…

rough translation

Mother, today I want to tell you

That I am grateful for the life you gave me

You are always by my side with your love

I am holding your hand since I was a young boy

Crown of flowers

Their colors shine on everyone's hearts

Crown of flowers

Their colors shine in these songs

Today I want to sing and write you a verse

You have always been here with a comforting kiss

I want you to be happy and very proud

Taking the good road is very valuable


Crown of flowers...

Edmar Castañeda - harp 

Zamir Castañeda - intro voice
Nilko Andreas Guarín - vocals  
Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza - leona, vocals
Martín Vejarano - cununo hembra, bombo arrullador, bombo golpeador, guasá
Sonia De Los Santos - vocals

By Sonia De Los Santos; De Los Santos Music ASCAP

and Martín Vejarano; Gaitero Music ASCAP

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