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I took a solo trip to Perú back in 2016 that changed my life.
I met my teacher and friend Beto Martínez in a small town called Urubamba

in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. He welcomed me to his studio and taught me

this simple and irresistible song about a little flower that is full of life and dreams.

Zamir Castañeda, Zeudi Castañeda, Melody Polo - vocals
Jorge Iván “Tito” Duarte - charango
Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza - leona, guitar, vocals
Isabella Polo - intro voice, vocals
Martín Vejarano - quena, bombo, snare, guasá, semillas, tambor trueno
Sonia De Los Santos - vocals


Amapolita, flor de amapola
Dame tu vida, dame tus sueños
Flor de amapola, amapolita
Dame tus sueños, dame tu vida

Dame tu vida amapolita
Dame tus sueños, flor de amapola

rough translation:

Little poppy seed flower

Give me your life, give me your dreams

Little Poppy seed flower

Give me your dreams, give me your life

Give me your life, little poppy seed flower

Give me your dreams, little poppy seed flower

By Beto Martínez
Arranged by Sonia De Los Santos and Martín Vejarano

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